1964 Maudlin of Paplewick (The Sad Shepherd Ben Jonson): solo voices, ch orch/string quint/fl/ob/ bsn/hn/timp/hp                                                   


Vocal Music

1903 ‘Snow-flakes’ (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) ‘The winds as at their hour of birth’ (Tennyson) ‘The Cry’ (L. G. Moberly) ‘Cradle Song’ (St. John Lucas)                                                                                                      

1906 ‘Scythe Song’ (Andrew Lang)                                      

1907 ‘Do you remember still?’ ( L.G. Moberly) ‘The Song of a Nest’ (Jean Ingelow) ‘A Cradle Song’  (T.J.H.)     ‘The High Tide’ Joan Ingelow ‘Song of the Water Witch’

1908 Not Yet (L.G. Moberly)                                                                                     

1909 ‘The Lost Water’  ‘Roses’ (Eva Gore-Booth) ‘The Well at the World’s End’ ‘The Wind of Dreams’ (R.M. Marriott Watson)

1912 Hungarian Song (M. Byron)                                                                     

‘In prison’ (Willam Morris) ‘A Soft Day Thank God’ (Winifred M. Letts)             ‘Potter’s Song’ (Longfellow)    

1913 ‘Midwinter’ (Kujoha No Fukayabu tr. Clara Walsh); ‘A Last Invocation’ (Walt Whitman)                        

1914  ‘The Joy of Earth’ (AE [George Russell]); ‘Lullaby’ (Maurice Hime)         

1916 ‘Have You News of My Boy Jack?’ (Rudyard Kipling). Score typeset by Roy Holmes and available to order from CMC.           

1922 ‘A Song of Shadows’ ‘A Song of Enchantment’ (Walter de la Mare) Pub. Stainer & Bell 1923, 1926 ; ‘If you let sorrow in on you’ (W.M. Letts)      

1923 ‘Sleep Song’ [‘Déirín Dé’]  (tr. P.H. Pearse). Critical Edition typeset by Dr David Rhodes                

1923-24 Two Christmas Songs I ‘So Blissid Be the Tyme’,(Sloane MS) II ‘Tyrle tyrlow’ (Balliol MS) 

1924 ‘Eternity’(Robert Herrick). Score typeset by Roy Holmes and available to order from CMC           

1924 ‘Since thou O fondest and truest’, ‘Spring goeth all in white’  (Robert Bridges) 1925 ‘Cum Invocarum’ (Philip Sidney)                               

1925 ‘The Bringer of Dreams’ (Edith Sitwell) revd. 1927, ‘Longing’ (George Herbert) 

‘The Stolen Child’ (W.B. Yeats) ‘Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind’ (Shakespeare)

‘They went forth’ (Eva Gore-Booth) ‘When Mary Through the Garden Went’ (Mary Coleridge); ‘A Mountain Woman asks for Quiet that her Child may Sleep’ (Padhraic Pearse tr. Thomas MacDonagh). Critical Edition  typeset by Dr David Rhodes.                            

1928 ‘The Land: Prelude, Winter, Spring, ’ (Vita Sackville-West) ‘Blessing’ (Austin Clarke); ‘All Souls’ Flower’ (Pamela Grey of Falloden)                        

1929 ‘Himself and His Fiddle’ (E.L.Twiss

1930  Five Sacred Folksongs of Sicily (tr. Grace Warrack)                        

1933 ‘Dust’ Epigram                                             

1937 ‘Praier of Pieus Mirandula unto God’ (Thomas More)              

1940 ‘Easter Snow’ (W.M. Letts)                            

1943 ‘With sick and famished eyes’ Pub. OUP1943                                           

A song by Henry Purcell words by George Herbert for voice with piano (or harpsichord) and violoncello ad lib.

1953-66 Three Mediaeval Latin Lyrics: ‘Sleep’ ‘Storm’ ‘Evening on the Moselle’ (tr. Helen Waddell)           

1954 Two Songs of the Woods (George Meredith) ‘Dirge in the Woods’ ‘Enter These Enchanted Woods’      

1954-56 Three Songs by Walter de la Mare. Critical Edition typeset by Dr David Rhodes and available from CMC.        

‘Song of the Mad Prince’, ‘The Pigs and the Charcoal-burner’,‘Moon, Reeds, Rushes’

1961-66 Looking Back ‘Carrowdore’ (St. John Ervine); ‘All Souls Night’ (Frances Cornford ); ‘O Ghost That Has Gone’ (James Stephens) ‘The Mill Water’ (Edward Thomas)