The following is a complete list of works as contained in Trinity College Dublin Manuscripts and Research Library.

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Works with Orchestra

*1913 Elegie for violoncello and orchestra: vc-solo/2222/2100/timp/str.
Awarded first prize for composition at Sligo Feis Ceoil. Currently being typeset and edited by Emma O'Keeffe (MPhil, DIT). More

*1914 ‘Ireland’ (Walt Whitman): Bar-solo/satb/2222/4130/timp/str.

*1916 ‘Soldiers at Peace’ (Herbert Asquith): satb/2222/4230/timp/hp/str.
Pub. Novello & Co.Ltd.1917 Dedication: ‘To My Mother’     
Carnegie United Kingdom Trust competition: Commended

*1917-1918 ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ (Julia Ward Howe): S-solo/satb/2222/4230/ timp/hp/str,

*1919 ‘Lo, in This Day We Keep Our Yesterdays’ (Francis Thompson): Bar- solo 2222/ 4230/timp/str              

*1918-19 A Sea Poem Theme, 6 variations and Finale for orchestra: 3322/4231/perc/hp/str.
Carnegie United Kingdom Trust competition: The judges sent Ina Boyle a note hoping that she would not be discouraged but would let them see more of her work.

*1919 The Magic Harp Rhapsody for orchestra: 3332/4231/timp/hp/str Pub. Stainer & Bell 1921 [14 mins.]
Carnegie United Kingdom Trust: In 1920 the work was selected for publication in the Carnegie Collection of British Music. She was the only female composer represented in the collection.
RCM Patron’s Fund: Accepted for performance

1921 Colin Clout Pastoral for orchestra: 2332/4030/timp/hp/str             
RCM Patron’s Fund: Accepted for performance

*1924-25 Glencree Symphony No. 1 for orchestra, 1st movt. added 1927, rev.1928, 1937: 2332/4231/timp/hp/str   [35 mins.]    (Typesetting by Sarah M. Burn in progress with funding from the Ambache Charitable Trust)    
RCM Patron’s Fund: 2 movements accepted

1925-26 ‘Hymne of Heavenly Love’ (Edmund Spenser): S-solo/ssatb/2322/4230/ 4230/timp/ hp/str                

1927 Psalm for violoncello and orchestra, rev. 1928: 2322/4230/timp/hp/str. Currently being typeset and edited by Emma O'Keeffe (MPhil, DIT).                                             

*1929-30 The Dream of the Rood Symphony no. 2 for orchestra: 2332/4331/perc/hp/str                            

1930-31 Virgilian Suite Ballet Suite for orchestra: 2211/2000/perc/hp/str

1932 ‘Peace Peace He is Not Dead’ (Shelley) Elegy for chorus and orchestra: satb/2222/ 4030/timp/str              

*1932-33 Concerto for violin and orchestra, rev.1935: 2222/2130/timp/str. Typeset score and parts by Sarah M. Burn available to order/hire from CMC.                                                        

*1933-34 Overture for orchestra: 2222/4231/perc/hp/str   [10 mins.]      

1935-36 The Dance of Death Masque or Ballet: 2222/4231/ perc/str     

1938-39 The Vision of Er: SSA solo/2222/4231/perc/str                                  

1941 Hellas (tr. J.W.Mackail): S-solo/satb/2222/4331/perc/hp/str            

*1942 Wild Geese Sketch for small orchestra: 2222/2000/timp/hp/str [5 mins.]                                                

1942 Urania (Ruth Pitter) Mez-solo/str                                      

1945 The Prophet (Pushkin tr. Maurice Baring): B-solo/2222/4230/perc/str  [10 mins.]                                    

*1946-52 From the Darkness (Edith Sitwell) Symphony for contralto and orchestra: C-solo/2222/4230/timp/hp/str                                    

*1953 ‘No Coward Soul is Mine’ (Emily Bronte): C-solo/str