Stanford, Buckley & Boyle at the National Concert Hall

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Ina Boyle’s Symphony No.1, ‘Glencree’, will be performed by the RTE National Symphony Orchestra

Friday 1st February 2019

7.30pm - Main Stage

Tickets €25, €15 (Choir Balcony)
Discounts Available

RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra 
David Brophy conductor
Fergal Caulfield organ

Stanford Irish Rhapsody No. 2, ‘The Lament for the Son of Ossian’ / 16’
John Buckley  Concerto for Organ and Orchestra / 29’
Ina Boyle Symphony No. 1, ‘Glencree’ / 28’

Soundings: Free pre-concert talk at 6.30pm. Artist(s) in conversation. 

Ireland’s not just a land of saints and scholars, you know. It has composers, too. Wonderful ones! Get acquainted with three remarkable Irish voices: you owe it to yourself!

Prepare to be punched by sound with the spectacular power and poetry of John Buckley’s Concerto for Organ and Orchestra. Guaranteed to make you realise that ‘the king of instruments’ isn’t only for hymns and weddings.

Heard on the National Concert Hall’s organ for which it was written (and the first work to be played on it) in 1991, Buckley’s concerto is a fire-burst of colour, a thunderstorm of noise and an adrenaline-filled rollercoaster ride all in one that pushes the organ to its extremes and dazzles with its gleeful cascade of voices mimicking other instruments. It’s like hearing two orchestras for the price of one – and the closest you’ll come to hearing a volcano explode but considerably safer, even though it may well have you running for cover!

All the wild, wondrous beauty of the Glencree Valley in her native County Wicklow is conjured by Ina Boyle’s First Symphony. The illustrious Vaughan Williams had great hopes for Boyle – one of the great treasures of Irish music – and the evocative atmospheres and fragrant melodies of Glencree demonstrate why. It’s an escape into the grandeur and delicacy of nature in the company of the most lyrical of guides.

A more fantastic journey into the ancient myths of Ireland and the death of a son and the terrible rage that follows awaits in Stanford’s Second Irish Rhapsody. Traditional airs and tunes add to the heady perfumes of legend and sear with their beauty and power.

Presented by RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra