RTÉ ConTempo Quartet – Beethoven Music for a Later Age

In 2018, the ConTempo Quartet will perform a complete Beethoven Cycle in venues Nationwide. Ten Irish works complement each of the nine programmes, with works dating from 1934 to the present day, including three new RTÉ commissions, and Ina Boyle's String quartet in E minor.

'The RTÉ ConTempo Quartet is one of the most exciting and vibrant chamber ensembles performing today. The members studied together in Bucharest, formed a quartet in 1995 and were appointed as Galway Music Residency’s Quartet in Residence in 2003 and RTÉ’s Quartet in Residence in May 2014'. 

Ina Boyle was one of the most serious-minded Irish composers of her generation. The distinguishing tone of her 1934 String Quartet is one of gentle rhapsody, her harmonic language indebted to the English school of the early 20th Century.
— Contempo Quartet


Beethoven String Quartet No. 5, Op. 18 No. 5 in A

Ina Boyle String Quartet in E minor

Jane O’Leary the passing of sound forever

Beethoven String Quartet No. 11, Op. 95 in F

Creative tensions between the past and the future flared up in the sinewy compression of Beethoven’s Fifth Quartet. And found grave intensity in the Op.95 ‘Quartetto Serioso’. Ina Boyle’s only String Quartet bears the bucolic stamp of early 20th-Century English Pastoralism.
— ConTempo Quartet
Photo credit: Frances Marshall Photography

Photo credit: Frances Marshall Photography