Beethoven 'Missa Solemnis', Ina Boyle 'Soldiers at Peace'

London’s Highgate Choral Society will perform Beethoven’s mass, Missa Solemnis, and Boyle’s choral work, Soldiers at Peace on Saturday 3 November 2018.


‘Beethoven’s great Missa Solemnis is thought to have been intended for the occasion of the installation of his friend and patron Archduke Rudolph as Archbishop of Olmütz in 1820. But from the first, Beethoven saw it as an expression of his own deep spiritual convictions and as an enduring testament to the ardour of his faith.

First performed in St. Petersburg on 24 April 1824, the Missa Solemnis is regarded as a supreme achievement in choral music. Beethoven famously inscribed on the first page of the score: "From the heart – may it return – to the heart."

Ina Boyle’s Soldiers at Peace (Arr. Ronald Corp) is a short, rarely performed setting for choir and orchestra of a war sonnet by Herbert Asquith, second son of the British Prime Minister. Written during the First World War, it was performed in 1920 and enthusiastically received. Ina Boyle was Ireland’s most significant women composer before the 1950s, whose early talent was recognised by teachers including Vaughan Williams’.

This is a special performance of Boyle’s work as it was originally written for choir and organ. This performance will premiere an arrangement for choir and orchestra by conductor, Ronald Corp.

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