Chamber Works

1918 Phantasy for viola and piano                                                                    

1925 ‘Christ is a Path’ Chamber Cantata (Giles and Phineas Fletcher): S-solo/ fl/ str quar                                   

1926 Phantasy for Violin and Chamber Orchestra: (1111/2000/timp/hp/str)   

1927 ‘A Dream in May Morning’ (Geoffrey Chaucer): S-solo/str quar           

1934 String Quartet in e minor  [20 mins.] Critical edition produced by David Byers available to order from CMC here.                                

1938 ‘Thinke Then My Soul’ (John Donne): T-solo/str quar
Pub. OUP 1939  [8 mins.]                                                                                 

1941 Faith Elegy (Anon.): T-solo/fl/hp/str quar                                       

1944-45 Lament for Bion (Moschus tr. J.M. Edmonds): T-solo/str quar or str orc    [12 mins.]

1946 ‘Hymne to God my God in my Sicknesse’ (John Donne): T-solo/str quar                                                  

1948 ‘Still falls the Rain’ (Edith Sitwell): C-solo, str quar [10 mins.]. Critical edition of the score produced by David Byers and available to order from CMC.

1955 Three Songs by Ben Jonson: ‘It was a Beauty that I Saw’, ‘Witch’s Charm’, ‘Blow Blow Fresh Fount’: medium voice/vl/cello

1958 Three Ancient Irish Poems (tr. Kuno Meyer) S-solo/vla/hp. Currently being typeset and edited by Emma O'Keeffe (MPhil, DIT).