Choral Works

1912 ‘Even Such is Time’ (Walter Raleigh): ssaattb                           

1913 ‘O Perfect Love’ Anthem: S-solo/ssa/org                                          

1915 ‘He Will Swallow up Death in Victory’ Funeral Anthem (Isaiah XXV 8,9 ): S-solo/ satb/org  (Pub. Stainer & Bell 1915)                                         

1915 ‘Wilt Not Thou O God’ War Anthem (Psalms 108, 33): satb/org  (Pub. Novello & Co. Ltd.; also available from CMC)                 

1922 ‘The Transfiguration’ Anthem: T-solo/satb/org (Pub.Novello & Co. Ltd. 1922; also available form CMC)     

1923-24 15 Gaelic Hymns (Carmina Gadelica Gaelic Hymns and Invocations collected in the Hebrides and Western Highlands of Scotland tr. Alexander Carmichael): ssattb.: For all inquiries please contact

*‘Jesu Thou Son of Mary’, *‘The Guardian Angel’, *‘The Light’ner of the Stars’, *‘The Soul Leading’, *‘Soul Peace’, ‘God be with me lying down’, ‘Morning Prayer’, ‘O Jesu tonight’, ‘God be with us’, ‘Jesu who ought to be praised’, ‘A Sleep Prayer’, ‘A Prayer for Grace’, ‘Lift thou my soul to thee’ [1929], ‘A Blessing’ [1929] (Pub. J.& W. Chester 1930).                              

1925 Caedmon’s Hymn (tr. L. Magnus and C. Headlam): ssattb                      

1929 ‘Service and Strength’, Hymn for St. Michael and All Saints (Christina Rossetti): (Pub. Songs of Praise OUP 1930)

1930-33 ‘Leave Me, O Love’ (Sir Philip Sidney): satb                                    

1930-33 ‘If God Build Not the House’ Psalm CXXVII (Phineas Fletcher): satb

1930-33 ‘He that Hath Eternal Being’ Psalm 48 (Philip Sidney and the Countess of Pembroke): satb                                                         

1931 ‘Holy Art Thou’ (Cynewulf’s Christ tr. R.K. Gordon), ssattb                  

1931 ‘Jesu, That Dear Boughtest Me’ (Vernon ms) satb                                   

1931 A Spanish Pastoral (St. Teresa tr. Arthur Symons): S-solo/ttb. (Pub. Stainer & Bell 1935)   

1934 ‘Good Friday’ (Abelard tr. Helen Waddell): satb              

1934 ‘Hunger and Thirst O Christ’ (Radbod tr. Helen Waddell)                     

1936 Seven Psalms  Psalms 57, 27, 92, 38, 46, 23, 150 (Philip Sidney and the Countess of Pembroke):ssatb/S-solo/Bar-solo ad lib.                            

1937 ‘Love is the Plant of Peace’ (William Langland): satb                             

1940 ‘O Thou Whose Spirit’ Motet (Henry Vaughan): satb           

1952-54 ‘Blessed Be the Lord, for He Hath Showed Me His Marvelous Kindness’ Cantata: Mez-solo/satb/org

1954 ‘The Spacious Firmament on High’ Motet (Joseph Addison):ssaatb (Typeset and premiered by St Paul’s Cathedral, available for a donation to St. Paul’s Choir School Trust)   

 1961 ‘Ye Flaming Powers’ Motet (Milton): Bar-solo/ssa