On 7th March 2019, the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra gave the Italian premiere performance of Ina Boyle’s Violin Concerto, with soloist, Razvan Stoica and conducted by Maria Luisa Macellaro la Franca, at the Sanremo Ariston Theatre.

Italian conductor, Maria Luisa, will receive the international prize "Donna di Fiori 2019" at the Sanremo Casino Theater for her human commitment to the equality of rights between women and men composers.

The eve of Ina Boyle’s 130 th birthday and International Woman’s Day were celebrated on 7 March in the Teatro dell’Opera del Casino, Sanremo. Boyle’s violin concerto, performed only once since it was composed in 1935, was given its European premiere by the Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo, with esteemed conductor, Maria Luisa Macellaro, and the Romanian violinist, Razvan Stoica, playing a 1729 Antonius Stradivarius instrument. The annual flower carnival was in progress and the audience were given fragrant sprays of mimosa on the way in to the concert hall. The first work on the programme was Tchaikovsky’s ‘Waltz of the Flowers’. The perfume of the mimosa pervaded the hall, all the more appropriate as the finale of the concerto is based on a poem, ‘All Souls’ Flower’, with the text written in the score by the composer. Music and mimosa blended together to provide a memorable celebration of the composer Ina Boyle.
— Dr Ita Beausang